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Advanced Certificate in Property Development and Maintenance



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Property Development and Maintenance is Diverse

The type of property can vary, for example:

  • Residential properties 
  • Hotels, resorts, camp grounds
  • Commercial properties - offices, factories, shopping centres, farms

A property manager could be in charge of one large property, or many smaller properties.

The work of a property manager will commonly involve both routine maintenance and troubleshooting problems, but may also involve  managing tenants, managing finance (paying contractors, collecting rent etc) or anything else necessary to keep the property functioning and in good condition. 

Some property managers do some or most of the work required to maintain a property, including maintenance (eg cleaning, gardening and building repairs), while others manage some or all of the tasks by hiring and supervising needed work. Either way, a property manager needs to appreciate the various jobs that need to be carried out on the property which they manage. They need to be able to be determine what, when and ow tasks need to be undertaken. 

This course will significantly expand your knowledge of different tasks that a property manager needs to manage. This is a course which covers the practical applications needed for property development and maintenance. 

Course Code: VSS107

Course Duration:  900 hours of self paced studies


Compulsory Modules

These modules provide foundation knowledge for the Advanced Certificate in Property Management.

  • Building Renovation BSS104
  • Carpentry BSS100
  • Masonry (Brick, Stone and Concrete Work) BSS101
  • Healthy Buildings I (Building Construction & Health) BSS200
  • Operations Management VBS201
  • Painting and Decorating VSS201

Elective Modules

In addition to the core modules, students study any 3 of the following 15 modules.

  • Cleaning: Domestic and Commercial VTR207
  • Alternative Energy VSS102
  • Horticulture I BHT101
  • Landscape Construction BHT111
  • Machinery and Equipment BSC105
  • Turf Care BHT104
  • Workshop I BGN103
  • Green Walls and Roofs BHT256
  • Leisure Facility Management I BRE205
  • Planning Layout And Construction Of Ornamental Gardens BHT242
  • Project Management BBS201
  • Biophilic Landscaping BHT343
  • Healthy Buildings II (Building Environment & Health) BSS300
  • Interior (Indoor) Plants BHT315
  • Leisure Facility Management II BRE306


Important Note: This course is not designed for real estate property managers responsible for contract and tenant management. Also it is noted some property management jobs require different skill sets to others. Some jurisdictions require certain legal requirements or registrations to be held for certain types of property managers.


Who This Course Is For

People working in, or wishing to work in, property management whether apartment blocks, resorts, residential units, hotels, office complexes, or trading estates. 

General managers, supervisors, and foremen involved in managing properties. 

Entrepreneurs looking at property management as a business. 

People who wish to gain skills in different trades to manage all aspects of property including construction, repairs, renovations, and general maintenance.     

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Advanced Certificate in Property Development and Maintenance Advanced Certificate in Property Development and Maintenance
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