Courses (short)


Trade Courses Online from ACS Distance Education offers a condensed form of online learning which is completely automated and doesn't require any interaction with the school or tutors.

If you are confident to jump into a course today, you can start immediately, progress fast (or slow) and download a personalised certificate of completion at the end.   

20-hour courses offer the same quality learning experience as our traditional online courses. The only difference is we have condensed the content for a quicker and more affordable learning option. 

How These Courses Work!

  • Enrol anytime, convenient and secure
  • 20-hour estimate completion time
  • Self-paced course from reliable, well-known provider 
  • Mobile friendly resources  
  • Illustrated and diagrammatic 
  • Fully online to suit your schedule 
  • Optional, practical set tasks throughout
  • Automated self-assessment tests to complete at the end of each lesson
  • Personalised certificate included in course fee, no hidden fees 
  • Downloadable 'Certificate of Completion' is awarded after a final online test

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