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Certificate in Building Renovation



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Building Renovation Work - Big or Small Projects -  Residential or Commercial Work

If you're starting a career in building renovation, there's a high chance you're already doing some form of work renovating spaces. You've enjoyed the process and seeing the result, and believe it's something you can do well. It feels like now the time is right for you to enhance your skills and grow your confidence with a qualification under your belt.

Course Code: VSS103

Course Duration: 600 hours of self paced studies

Graduate with a Certificate in Building Renovation


This is a leading online course in Building Renovation delivered by ACS Distance Education. It covers the essential topics as core modules, and you choose the final module - called an elective module - to meet your own unique interests, plans or employment needs. 

ACS Distance Education has been delivering online education across trades industries for more than 40 years. The courses are revised to include the latest technologies used in building and renovation projects.

ACS Distance Education is a member of IARC - a sign of quality assurance in the online education space. 

  • Want to learn trades but can't attend a traditional college campus? 
  • Can't find evening workshops to suit? 
  • Not able to reduce earnings to start an apprenticeship? 
  • Got your own tools and already know some basics?
  • Feel motivated to get your self-employment plans off the ground? 
  • Planning a career which lets you work your own days and hours?
  • Ready to pick and choose projects you want to do? 

If you answered yes to these questions, this course is the option for you! 


Course Structure

5 Core Modules 

 These modules provide foundation knowledge for the Certificate in Building Renovation.

  • Building Renovation BSS104
  • Carpentry BSS100
  • Masonry (Brick, Stone and Concrete Work) BSS101
  • Painting and Decorating VSS201
  • Project Management BBS201
    Elective Modules

In addition to the core modules, students study any 1 of the following 2 modules.

  • Materials Technology
  • Cabinet Making
  • Healthy Buildings I (Building Construction & Health) BSS200
  • Planning Layout And Construction Of Ornamental Gardens BHT242
  • Workplace Health and Safety 


Why Study Building Renovation? 


1. Property Investment 

Take Advantage of Opportunities in the Property Market

Working in property renovation means you buy low, do it yourself and reap the financial rewards. Buying and selling property and renovating as you go is a great way 


2. Renovations At Home Made Easy 

Save Money on Small or Large Scale Works at Home

Some of us renovate as we want to enjoy the benefits from the enhanced design or aesthetics ourselves, but builders are too pricey for your budget. You'd rather spend cash on upgrading hardware or finishes than paying others for doing something you can do yourself! 


3. Noticed Unreliable or Over Priced Workers 

Labour Shortage Hits Hard as Trades People are Becoming Harder to Find!

This can differ depending on where you live, but many people complain they can't find anyone available to do the work. Or when they do find someone, they need to wait weeks or even months to get the job booked in and done. Skip the queue and do it yourself. 


4. Secure Work and Increase Your Income 

Make a Substantial Living and Improve Your Quality of Life 

Upgrade your live with increased earning potential. Access extra cash and make some extra earnings. Work on small projects on weekends to supplement your weekly or monthly pay. 


5. Gain refresher knowledge and fine tune your skills

Undertake an Industry Course Online for Better Career Prospects  

Got customers and want to get some great reviews? Improve your workmanship. 

Reviews and customer word of mouth matters in this industry. You won't need to spend money advertising or chasing up work and projects as your phone will ring thanks to your satisfied customers. 


How this course works!

  • Enrol any time - daily intakes open now 
  • Join thousands of graduates from ACS courses, complete 600 hours of study (approximately).
  • Self-manage your time to read, research, complete formal assessments, take self-tests and undertake practical tasks. 
  • Enjoy tutor support, receive marked assignments and feedback to help you grow. 
  • Undertake an exam at the end of each module to receive a Statement of Attainment - working towards the Certificate.


Let Us Help You Decide On Your Course Choice


We are experienced at helping people decisions and make career changes. 
We have careers counsellors that can advise you for free. 
We have written books on working in different industries. 
We know how to provide the learning needed to get you started along a different career path.

Email us at admin@acs.edu.au | Call us (07) 5562 1088

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Certificate in Building Renovation Certificate in Building Renovation
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