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Certificate in Computer Technology



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Learn Computer Programming and Servicing

Computer technology underpins most of what we do today, and every workplace needs the services of people who are capable of working with computers or equipment driven by computerisation. Every workplace needs knowledge of and the capability to work with computer technology.

This course improves your capability to understand and work with computer technology. The core subjects will allow you to troubleshoot a lot of common problems that may arise in a workplace, while the electives provide you with a great deal of flexibility to take your learning of tech in a direction that is customised to your own needs and interests.  


Course Code: VIT016 

Course Duration: 620 hours of self paced studies



Core Modules:

Complete the following modules to give you a fundamental understanding of computer hardware and an understanding of computer software.

  • Computer Servicing I
  • HTML
  • How to Solve Problems (20 hr course)


Undertake any four of the following modules:

  • Electronics
  • Networking Foundations
  • JavaScript
  • C#
  • Computer Servicing II
  • Computer Servicing III
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Nano Technology
  • Robotics
  • Drone Technology
  • Computer Aided Design
  • Information Security
  • Industry Project I
  • Energy Storage Technologies (Coming Soon)


Be the Go To "Tech Expert"

Every workplace needs at least one go to "tech expert". Learn about what is inside a computer, and improve your ability to determine issues when computers are not working as they should, and to find effective technology solutions to problems when they arise.


Who This Course Is For

People wishing to work in IT who are seeking a solid foundation of study.
IT staff wanting to broaden their existing computer knowledge.
Anyone who wants to learn about computer programming, computer languages, and computer servicing whether to take on new roles at work or for personal upskilling.
Business operators and entrepreneurs considering a computer servicing or programming business. 

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Certificate in Computer Technology Certificate in Computer Technology
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