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Certificate in Mechanical Technology



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Learn More about Machines

Mechanical technology brings together engineering and technology principles. It is about designing, manufacturing, repairing, or maintaining a range of different machines with moving parts. 

Some people in this field are directly involved in designing mechanical systems using physics and mathematics. Others may be involved in manufacturing and testing of machines. There are also people involved in assistant roles as technicians who may be more involved in operating or maintaining machines. 

This course is designed as a solid foundation in mechanical engineering technology for anyone interested in getting into this field. 

Machines comer in all shapes and sizes. They are prolific and critical in today's world. They serve man, enabling us to achieve more than was ever thought possible in times past - whether at work, home or play. 

Learn a range of complimentary mechanical skills and see where it can take you.


Course Code: VSC046

Course Duration: 600 hours of self paced studies



This course involves three core modules plus 3 additional electives. The electives can be chosen from a long list; enabling you to differentiate your area of study and focus on one or two things that are of greater interest or need to you. As such, every graduate from this certificate will have a unique mix of knowledge and skill. 

Core Modules

The following 3 core modules in this course need to be undertaken by every student:. 

  • Mechanics
  • Machinery and Equipment - Engineering I
  • Robotics


Elective Modules 

After completing the three core modules, then select and study a further three appropriate modules chosen from those below"

  • Electronics
  • Welding
  • Computer Servicing I
  • Networking Foundations
  • Engineering Applications - Engineering II
  • Materials Technology
  • Nano Technology
  • Small Equipment Repair
  • Drone Technology
  • Computer Aided Design
  • Workplace Health and Safety 
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Energy Storage Technologies (Coming Soon)


Who This Course Is For

People wishing for a foundation course to provide an insight into working in the mechanical engineering technology field.     
People wishing to work as mechanical technicians assisting mechanical engineers. 
Manufacturing or trades workers wanting to broaden their existing knowledge about designing, using, or maintaining machines. 
Business operators and entrepreneurs considering a mechanical engineering business. 

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Certificate in Mechanical Technology Certificate in Mechanical Technology
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