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Certificate in Engineering



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Learn a Broad Skillset for a Wide Range of Jobs

Engineering covers different fields and employs different skills. General engineering uses science and mathematics to solve problems and create new things. Engineers can be involved in construction, manufacturing, technology, and science. Some engineers are involved in research and development or inventing. Others may spend more time repairing machinery or equipment or finding better ways of doing things. Whatever their role, engineers are a vital cog in different trades.   

This is a premium course which teaches paramount knowledge and skills in broad and general engineering as well as engineering technology. These topics are applied to specific engineering industries.


Course Code: BSC004

Course Duration: 600 hours of self paced studies


Online Course Enrolments are Open Now - Daily Intakes Available

If you have the time and passion, it is an excellent program of studies building on individual ACS modules or other courses or experiences. 

Enrolling in this course could lead to

  • Starting a new career working in a specialist area of engineering
  • Developing problem solving skills 
  • Laying foundations for self-employment 
  • Satisfying professional development requirements
  • Improvements in your career prospects (for those already working in industry)

  • Core Modules:

    The course contains 4 core modules. 



    Machinery and Equipment - Engineering I

    Workplace Health and Safety


    Elective Modules: 

    You must choose 2 of the following course Electives. 

    Alternative Energy

    Energy Storage Technologies (Coming Soon)

    Computer Servicing I

    Networking Foundations

    Computer Aided Design

    Materials Technology

    Nano Technology

    Small Equipment Repair



    Drone Technology

    Refrigeration (Refrigerating Farm Produce)

    Engineering Applications - Engineering II

    Industry Project or Workshop Module I

    Need more? Upgrade to an Advanced Certificate for 9 modules and enhanced career prospects. 


    There are genuine non-university pathways into all forms of engineering now. Governments need people like you, and trades are in high demand.

    Here's a list of jobs which require engineering... there are many, many more! You could aim for a career as...

    • Heavy vehicle mechanic 
    • Aircraft maintenance engineer 
    • Aviation safety facilitator 
    • Product safety management 
    • Laboratory technician 
    • Electrical engineer 
    • Process chemist 
    • Product development scientist 
    • Quality and compliance officer 
    • Minerals processing worker 
    • Mechanical drafter 
    • Geological engineer 
    • CAD technician 
    • Surveyor 
    • Urban and regional planner 
    • Landscape architect 
    • Audio engineer 
    • Cybersecurity engineer 
    • Automotive engineer 
    • Renewable energy specialist 
    • Manufacturing engineer 


    What Next?  It's Not Always Easy Starting An Online Course ... Let Us Help

    Opportunities are endless if you have the passion and persistence to succeed.  

    • We are experienced at helping people decisions and make career changes. 
    • We have careers counsellors that can advise you for free. Talk to us. 
    • We have written books on working in different industries. 
    • We know how to provide the learning needed to get you started along a different career path.

    Email us at admin@acs.edu.au | Call us (07) 5562 1088


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    Certificate in Engineering Certificate in Engineering
    $3,425.51 In stock