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Foundation Certificate in Plant Growth for Horticulture Level 3



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Take your knowledge of Plant Growth to the Next Level

A professional course for the serious student - this course is definitely not run-of-the-mill. Learn the science behind plants and how it affects their development. The skills and knowledge covered within the scope of this comprehensive, science based course, are sought after in the horticulture industry, and will set you apart from others.

Work in varied sectors of the horticulture industry at a managerial level e.g. in public and private gardens, in teaching, research, etc.


Course Code: VHT041

Course Duration: 150 hours of self paced studies


What the Course Covers

There are 15 lessons in this course:

  1.     Taxonomic Classification of Plants
  2.     Structure and Function of Cells and Tissues
  3.     Role of Flowers and Fruit
  4.     Photosynthesis, Respiration, and Movement of Water
  5.     Effects of Tropisms and Plant Growth Regulators
  6.     Physical Properties of Growing Media
  7.     Chemical Properties of Growing Media and Role of Air and Water
  8.     Biological Processes in Growing Media
  9.     Nutrients and Plant Growth
  10.     Organic Techniques and Soil Management
  11.     Plant Pests, Diseases and Disorders Part A
  12.     Plant Pests, Diseases and Disorders Part B
  13.     Regulation of Chemicals and Storage Procedures
  14.     Seed Propagation
  15.     Vegetative Propagation


Study when, where and however much you want. For most students, the course can be completed with a total of around 150 hours of study; and a commitment close to that may be needed to achieve desired learning outcomes.

Extra Reading

The following books, available through this web site are relevant supplementary reading for this course

  • Plant Language
  • Trees and Shrubs
  • Pests and Diseases
  • Starting a Nursery or Herb Farm

How This Course Could Help You

This course prepares you for work at a managerial level in a variety of roles within the horticultural industry.

The course will appeal to people looking to get involved in different areas of horticulture like garden maintenance, landscaping, and propagation.

It may also appeal to those wishing to explore garden consultation work or horticulture research.


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Foundation Certificate in Plant Growth for Horticulture Level 3 Foundation Certificate in Plant Growth for Horticulture Level 3
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