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Cerificate in Garden Design



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Learn to Design Gardens

Good garden design is a mixture of learnt practical skills, an awareness of form and space, knowledge of what can be achieved with particular plants and materials, and some natural talent.  If you want to be successful as a designer the hard work starts here.  

Up-skill your knowledge by learning the basics of design and an understanding of principles like proportion, repetition, contrast and harmony through to different styles of garden. Nurture your knowledge of plants and their needs so you can recognise the significance of positioning in the landscape. Find out how to go from gathering site information to producing drawn designs and estimating costs.   


What the Course Covers

Thirty lessons as follows:

  1. Introduction to Landscaping
  2. Plant Identification
  3. History of Gardening
  4. Drawing Plans
  5. Soils and Nutrition
  6. Understanding the Environment
  7. Earthworks and Surveying
  8. Basic Landscape Construction
  9. Surfacing
  10. Garden Structure
  11. Park Design
  12. Home Garden Design
  13. Costing and Specifications
  14. Trail Design and Sporting Facilities
  15. Tools and Machinery
  16. Plant Establishment Techniques
  17. Ponds and Pools
  18. Rock work and Masonry
  19. Lawn Construction Techniques
  20. Irrigation Design and Installation
  21. Wild Garden Design
  22. Cottage Garden Design
  23. Playground Design
  24. Garden Bed Design
  25. Management
  26. Land Rehabilitation
  27. Drainage
  28. Maintenance
  29. Dealing with Clients
  30. Major Garden Design Project

Extra Reading

The following books, available through this web site are relevant supplementary reading for this course

  • Garden Design I
  • Garden Design II
  • Starting a Garden or Landscape Business
  • Trees and Shrubs
  • Gardening in the Shade
  • Tropical Landscaping
  • Water Gardening

How This Course Could Help You

This course will provide up to date knowledge and skills in how to design and create gardens and lead to:

  • Starting your own business in landscaping
  • Working for a landscaper
  • Work as a gardener
  • A hobby gardener turning a passion into a profession.
  • A substantial step toward further education.


What Next?

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Cerificate in Garden Design Cerificate in Garden Design
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