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Agricultural Irrigation



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Learn How Farms are Irrigated

The irrigation industry employs a lot of people in the agricultural sector providing services and products to supply water to farms. A wide variety of both trade and technical skills are needed to provide and support agricultural irrigation. This course provides the foundation to build those skills, along with learning about how soil and climate lead to particular needs for water.

Discover what options are available for irrigating farms from basic equipment like pumps and filters through to complex irrigation set-ups. Find out about water saving strategies and how to design irrigation systems on large scale properties.

Course Code: BAG213

Course Duration: 100 hours of self paced studies


Course Content

There are ten lessons as follows:

1. Introduction to Irrigation

2. Soil Characteristics and Problems

3. Estimating Plant Needs and Irrigation Scheduling

4. Drainage

5. Types of Irrigation Systems

6. Trickle Systems

7. Design Specifications

8. Pumps & Filters

9. Selecting the Right System for a Plant

10. Design & Operation of Systems

Knowledge of irrigation is essential to run any type of farm, whether predominantly for animals or to grow crops and other produce. One of the greatest challenges is to make sure that water is used efficiently, without wastage but without starving plants or animals of this important life source. In recent times water supplies are often less reliable and so it is imperative to manage usage well.


How This Course Could Help You

This is a course aimed at the farmer, irrigation specialist, agriculturist or anyone in the industry who needs more knowledge on irrigation methods and how to take into account all the factors involved in successful irrigation systems and management programs.

Study this course by itself or along with other modules as part of a certificate or higher level qualification. 


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Agricultural Irrigation Agricultural Irrigation
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