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Sustainable Agriculture



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Learn to Make a Farm More Sustainable

Sustainable agriculture is based on an understanding of ecosystems  - how different organisms each play a role in food chains, their significance and importance to one another. It embraces concepts like the use of renewable resources, improving the quality of natural resources and promoting the heath and wellbeing of farmers and the community more widely.

In this course we go into great detail on natural resources like soils and water and examine how they can be better manages to sustain and improve them. We also look at best practices for land management in terms of pest and disease control, weed control, clearance, reduction of fire risk, and so forth; all within the auspices of sustainability.

Course Code: BAG215

Course Duration: 100 hours of self paced studies


What the Course Covers

There are eight lessons:
1. Introduction: Scope and nature of sustainability
2. Soils
3. Water
4. Land Care: Weed control, tree management, pest and disease, fire, etc
5. Financial Sustainability
6. Broad Management Strategies
7. Enterprise Selection and Management: Plants
8. Enterprise Selection and Management: Animals


Extra Reading

The following books, available through this web site are relevant supplementary reading for this course:

  • Profitable Farming
  • Animal Feed and Nutrition
  • Animal Health
  • Farm Management


How This Course Could Help You?

This course is suited to those who are currently farming and would like to change their farming practices to environmentally sustainable ones, as well as those who are planning on moving into farming and would like to establish principles before proceeding. It will suit different types of farms - dairy, livestock, crops. Farm workers, managers, consultants and specialists may also benefit.

Study this course by itself or as part of a higher level qualification along with other animal and farming studies.


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Sustainable Agriculture Sustainable Agriculture
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