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Irrigation Management (Agricultural)



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This course aims to educate about irrigation management which involves reusing water as much as possible, collecting and storing as much water as possible, and ensuring that what water is used, is done so in an efficient and effective manner.

It will cover the design and operation of large scale irrigation systems.

Course Code: BAG303

Course Duration: 100 hours of self paced studies


What this Course Covers

This course is made up of eight lessons:

1. Water Management

2. Irrigation Scheduling

3. Drainage

4. Irrigation Controllers

5. Irrigation Maintenance

6. Fertigation -fertilising through irrigation

7. Design Evaluation

8. Irrigation Design


How can this course benefit you?

For any farm to be sustainable water resources must remain sustainable too. Learning to manage water resources is one of the most important aspects of farming today. Water allocations are often limited and finding the best practices to use water wisely and efficiently - is now fundamental to successful farming.

This course will benefit:

  • Farmers
  • Irrigation managers
  • Irrigation consultants
  • Irrigation equipment suppliers


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Irrigation Management (Agricultural) Irrigation Management (Agricultural)
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